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LVARC VE Test Sessions

 * * Preregistered Applicants ONLY! * *

Lehigh Valley Amateur Radio Club (LVARC) holds test sessions every other month at the Hanover Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA.  Test sessions are listed on the ARRL website at

Test sessions begin at 6:00pm (local time) or as notified by Mark.

 To register by email contact Mark Miller (AK3M) at, or call Mark at 610-428-4475.

You MUST preregister at least 5 days before the session. The deadline for registering for the test is the Sunday BEFORE the scheduled Friday test date 

Before the test:

You will need to get an FRN BEFORE the test session.  You will need to take that number to the session. To get an FRN, go to

At the Test Session:

You will need to pay $15.00 (EXACT CASH) at the test session AND then the $35.00 FCC fee when your paperwork is received by the ARRL.

  • Two forms of ID – If you are a student and do not have a driver’s license, a student ID is appropriate.
  • Two Pencils w/erasers
  • A COPY of your amateur license (if you have one) which will not be returned
  • $15.00 Testing Fee (EXACT CASH Only).  Should you not pass, another version of the test may be taken at the same sitting for an additional $15.00 fee.

You may also take:

  • Calculator
    No formula(e) may be stored in memory.
    The VE team reserves the right to check calculators for compliance.


***** If you cannot attend one of our sessions, you can find other options and locations using the using the ARRL Test Finder Page *****

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