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Lehigh Valley Amateur Radio Club (LVARC) was established in 1928, making it one of the oldest ham (amateur) radio clubs in the country. The club has regular club meetings and monthly activities. We have a monthly newsletter, called the VOX. The VOX contains information regarding our club meetings, the club’s planned events, events of interest to the radio amateur, and articles of interest to the ham community. Hams and non-hams are invited to visit and spend as much time as they would like to view the amateur radio related information, newsletters, meeting dates and activities as well as links to other ham radio related sites!

As well as being a club related to ham radio, the LVARC is a social club and a service organization. The members serve the public by providing communications support for many community events. Our repeaters support that service philosophy by providing the radio communications infrastructure for club members and mobile operators in the Lehigh Valley.

Randy Lilly, N3ET & San Yoder, K3SY working on antennas atop the fire tower
Randy Lilly (N3ET) & San Yoder (K3SY) working on antennas atop the fire tower.

1978 Field Day at the Fire Training Tower on Vultee Street

The LVARC has close ties to and works closely with, the Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency, RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service).

The LVARC is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization with the Internal Revenue Service.

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