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The Lehigh Valley Amateur Radio Club (W3OI) has a strong ARES program. During a calendar year, the LVARC will provide communications support for at least five local community events.

Information about these events are announced on the weekly Monday Night Net, at meetings and in the LVARC newsletter, the VOX. These events range from and include, “Fun Runs”, to 5K and half marathons.

LVARC volunteer operators are placed around the event course and have contact with the Net Control operator. The net control operator is in contact with local police and EMS should they be needed.

W3OI Lehigh Valley PA ARES & RACES

ARES events like this are an excellent way for amateur radio operators to practice traffic handling while serving their community.

The LVARC website has a PowerPoint presentation available that explains the LVARC ARES program.

Please note that participation in an ARES event does not require enrollment like RACES.

2023 W3OI ARES Events

April 23 – St. Luke’s Half Marathon
May 21 – Star of Bethlehem Children’s Festival
October 7 – Women’s 5K Classic
November 5 – Delaware/Lehigh Half Marathon
For ARES events, contact:  Mark at
——— OR ———
For D&L Rail Trail Heritage Half Marathon events contact:
Rod at

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